Wednesday, November 7, 2007

High Flying Start to the day!

So, I'll admit that I'm a bit incoherent first thing in the morning. My roomates in college used to love waking me up just to watch the fall out of random sentences and actions. My brothers (in an act of love I'm sure) stood me in the hallway one night long after I was deep in dream land, just to watch my reaction. This was before the days of google video and youtube thankfully!

So this morning, my wife woke me up 30 minutes before my alarm went off with the announcement she had wrecked the car--I was very confused, and probably said a few weird things. (Actual photo of the event above to the right). She turned the corner in the neighborhood and some [I'm sure normally very intellegent gentlemen in a not so intellegent moment] had parked his trailor in the road with the ramps down. She hit the ramp...yes, literally hit the ramp. (The result was miraculously captured in the photo to the left.) Fortunately, the airbag did not deploy!

Car was pretty messed up, and is now in the shop. Angie and all the kids are okay. But I've noticed there never is really a convenient time or financial season for this type of thing is there? Pretty frustrating until...

Later in the day, when I went down town Charlotte again with my friend Todd Brower. He gives his Wednesday afternoon to feeding homeless men and women lunch as well as encouraging them by sharing truths about God from Scripture. It was really cold, and one of them came in with a baby in a stroller. They stood in a line that bent all the way around the store, waiting for the doors to open. Many of them thanked us over and over for "Pizza and a drink" and a few minutes in the warm. Funny thing...the car isn't as big a deal tonight as it was this morning.

A life with volumes of success but little significance isn't much of a life.

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