Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's where you should "B" Sunday!

Super fun worship service planned for this weekend at Ridge. 1-2 times a year we do a family oriented worship service at Ridge Church and this weekend is one of those times. The service will be super interactive and high energy. Waumba Land (Pre-school) environment will function like usual but Kindergarten and older will join us for one big exciting "family" service. Every child will receive a cool grab bag of FUN stuff when they enter the doors that will help them interact with us throughout the service. Can't wait to worship with the ENTIRE Ridge Church Family at once! It's going to be amazing.

Check out this Ridge Church video if you haven't attended yet. Trust me, this is the place to "B":

Sunday, November 20, 2011

A courageous step (video)

We are challenging ourselves at Ridge Church to be radically generous in this next season NOT just conveniently generous. We have structured our building campaign, called 1 twelve, in such a way that it will do two things 1) build out (renovate) a 24/7 space for Ridge Church with more seats and better environments 2) build up our city--specifically we want to bless Piney Grove Elementary school by providing Christmas for 14 of the families in the greatest need.

We asked these families to give us their Christmas "wish list" and it was incredibly humbling, and honestly a bit convicting! Unlike the wish list most of us would formulate, with iphones, 70 inch tv's, new cars, new jewelry bla, bla, bla---these "wish lists" were more or less survival lists for many of them. They asked for groceries, pajamas, blind for windows, house hold items (and yes a few toys!). Many of them are just hoping to have electricity this Christmas. It was truly humbling to experience. AND I want us to rise to the challenge.

10% of all funds received for our entire 1 twelve building campaign will go directly to our local efforts over the next year (Our Goal is $27,000--one of these projects is the unexpected Christmas store for these families)

Check out this video called "A courageous step": We also want to create space where this can happen over and over again-Take your place in the story!:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Video in future Home of Ridge!

Our 1 twelve campaign (1 stands for a one time gift TWELVE stands for a 12 month giving commitment) had it's official beginning this weekend. We are extremely excited about the journey toward the future home of Ridge Church and we are very grateful for the families that are sacrificing to lean in and give generous financial support. Every gift makes a difference. Begin preparing now for the next BIG GIVE date on December 18th. Also, remember that 10% of everything we receive toward this campaign will be given directly to benefit our title one school partnership with Piney Grove Elementary School. To contribute through e-give CLICK HERE.

Here's the first video shot in the Future Home of Ridge Church. Stay tuned for three more in the days ahead:

Friday, November 11, 2011

Don't just have a Christmas--GIVE ONE!

This Sunday is a HUGE day for Ridge Church. It's our first of two "BIG GIVE" dates and we are asking people to help us do two things:

  1. Renovate a 24/7 space for Ridge
  2. Bless Piney Grove with an “unexpected Christmas” store.
It’s SIMPLE: you can do both of those things at once by making a donation to “1 twelve”. We decided to structure our renovation efforts in such a way that it would build/renovate our 24/7 space and build a better city at the same time. So, a percentage of every dollar that is given to “1 twelve” will go to create and supply an “Unexpected Christmas store” and basic necessities for 15-20 of the neediest families from Piney Grove. We want to empower the parents to be the heroes in their own homes by allowing them to “buy” Christmas for their families. Many of these families won’t even have electricity this Christmas without our help—So PLEASE BE RADICALLY GENEROUS!

*Our 1 twelve Goal is to raise $275,000 dollars and to give 10% of that to our Piney Grove efforts— including the “Unexpected Christmas Store.” Your generosity enables us to bless others. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to help us turn the 1st page of new chapter. Together we can do this!