Monday, May 12, 2008

Parental Guidance Begins

We began a new series called "Parental Guidance Required", May 11th at 6pm. We wrestled with the issue as a staff of whether it was best to meet or not meet or Mother's Day since we still meet on Sunday nights. Kind of risky business (you church leaders out there know what I'm talking about!)

We decided to go for it and fortunately still had a pretty good crowd in the building. It was a great night. Popcorn Machine and bottled coke at the clips on the big screen before the service...and Josh Bayne and the band really did a great job leading worship.

Stage set was pretty incredible. Rusty is the brain child behind all of that stuff, and he actually constructed the movie marquee himself. Across the board, it was a great night. Andy's message on parenting was on point for sure. Every parent should hear this stuff! We have high hopes and expectations for part 2, coming this weekend (May 18th, 6pm) as well as the remainder of the series.

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