Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wide Awake

Erwin McManus, a pastor, entrepreneur, film maker, and all around innovator from L.A. has been a significant challenge to my thinking and passion for many years now. I'm so grateful for his perspective and his courage. He has a new book out called "Wide Awake" that pursues the idea of unleashing our dreams.

All that to say this...I heard an amazing and frustrating quote from him today. Frustrating because I think he is right. I will fight hard as a leader to keep Ridge Church from landing in this place. But I do think it will be a fight. Irrelevance seems to plague, even chase the church. Many of us at least start the journey with relevance[much of relevance is a simple awareness that our world isn't the world!]--but then we stay where we started while we are out paced by everything around us. Irrelevance is the unfortunate consequence. Here is what he says:

"The Christian community has some of the best communicators in the world. Our problem is that we are not talking about anything that people tend to care about."

I REFUSE THAT LEGACY! Our message is simply too important to be relegated to irrelevance.

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