Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's your favorite movie quote? (winner takes all!)

Favorite movie quote:

"Sticky by Design" part three coming up and we are doing our third and final game show on stage this week. The winner of this contest will be offered the opportunity to be the stage contestant and possibly win some "sticky fingers stuff." Here is how it works. Go onto the Ridge Facebook Fan Page HERE. (or in the bar to the right if you are on my blog) Post your favorite movie quote and then get as many of your facebook friends as possible to click the little "thumbs up/I like" icon. The person who's quote gets the most thumbs up will have first chance at being part of the Sticky by Design game show this weekend. Both weeks have been really fun!

Not my absolute favorite, I'm reserving that one for Sunday but definitely in my top three favorite quotes. From Tommy Boy:

Tommy: [Tommy and Richard are sitting on a park bench after getting kicked out of Salinsky's headquarters] I thought they were on my side.
Richard Hayden: They figured they had something to gain if the factory was being closed.
Tommy: Boy this is the worst. My so called family deserts me. Michelle's mad at me. I've lost the factory, the town's going under and I'm out of a job.
[the park bench collapses]
Tommy: Could've done without that.

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