Wednesday, October 28, 2009

NOW project shopping (videos)

If you are a parent or maybe a rare self aware child or teenager then you know that we don't have to teach children to be self absorbed or comes naturally. We do however have to teach them how to be generous and to think of others. But once they "get it" they typically outpace the grown ups! The Now Project is a great opportunity not only to bless people in need but to teach our children that God intends for them to be a solution! My children have really enjoyed the process so far.

Brown's Go "NOW Project" Shopping Part 1:
What to buy?

Brown's Go "NOW Project" Shopping Part 2:
How to make it fit in the bag?

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The Via Colony said...

Chris, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your message that last time we were at Ridge. I have been reminded (almost daily) that I am equal! What a great reminder to myself to be humble and selfless, thinking of others more than myself. Just wanted to tell you thank you for sharing what God laid on your heard.

We miss ya'll already...