Friday, November 20, 2009

Why are Christians so judgmental?

We will finish up this four part series on judging others this week and it's been phenomenal. I can't count how many times in the last few weeks as I have talked with people from Ridge where the conversation has quickly turned back to the powerful impact this series is having on them. It is true for me too! My wife and I have been affirmed in some areas and significantly challenged in others. Andy Stanley has handled this difficult subject of when, if ever, should we judge others and he has done it with more clarity, authority, and biblical accuracy than I've ever experienced. It is a MUST hear!

Every talk has been extremely powerful but I absolutely love the way he closed part two. He talked about the importance of "self examination" before pointing out the flaws of others then he said, "If you are feeling energy or excitement around this idea of confronting someone then you aren't ready to confront. The sign that we are ready to confront someone is when we are truly heart broken over their situation or activity." WOW! If we as the church could take steps toward this--how different would the response of people outside the church be toward the church? I'd love to find out. I want us to be that kind of church.

Here they are. Go listen to them, then do whatever it takes to come with a friend in tow as we conclude this series on Sunday! Don't forget that those of you who love Ridge Church are still the best advertisement for us. If this church is impacting your life--tell people--bring people!

Listen Judgment Call 1 HERE

Listen Judgment Call 2 HERE

Listen Judgment Call 3 HERE


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