Friday, August 12, 2011

It's time to do something...600 back packs!!

I'm a big fan of Miles McPherson, pastor of "The Rock" in California. He has adopted a mantra and simple challenge for his church "JUST DO SOMETHING" (He framed it as a book as well "Just Do Something"). My brother is the Chief Editor of "Outcomes" magazine and you can read his interview with Miles on this mantra "Just Do Something" HERE.

The reality is this: Most of the great and extraordinary things that happen in this world happen under the initiative or authority of people that weren't experts when they started whatever it was that they started. Sometimes the answer to change is to "JUST DO SOMETHING"

That is our challenge to Ridge Church! It's time to do something (AGAIN). We are partnering with a local title one (81% free and reduced lunches) school called Piney Grove Elementary. We've set an audacious goal of providing 600 filled back packs for children as they start back to school. This is just one of many initiatives at Piney Grove over the next year.

BACK PACK ORGANIZATION DAY: We have our first organization day Monday, August 15th 6-8pm at New Charlotte Church. Map HERE. Email to confirm your attendance. Lemonade and cookies provided.

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