Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

This week was part two of our current series "On Your Mark..." Message Title: "Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?" LISTEN HERE. I wonder if any one appreciated the Eminem reference:-) Quick thanks for all of the comments, texts, emails, and phone calls about the sermon from Sunday. I love being the pastor of this church!

We began the morning talking about the "polarizing nature of Jesus" and I gave five statements, beliefs, and claims of Jesus. My caveat was this--I said, "I'm not asking anyone to agree with these; interpret these; or even like these;...I just want you to listen and feel whatever it is that you feel when you hear these. I said I would post these five with verses so here they are. Before you decide how this sermon will end you should check it out for yourself. You might be surprised!
  1. Jesus said he was the ONLY way to God. John 14:6
  2. Jesus claimed to exist before the world began John 17:5
  3. Jesus believed heaven and hell are literal places (and real people will spend a real forever in one of those places) Matthew 6:9, Matthew 7:19-23
  4. Jesus claimed to be God (not a good teacher or prophet) John 8:58 & Exodus 3:14
  5. Jesus predicted his death, and his resurrection AND witnesses saw him alive John 20

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