Monday, March 5, 2012

Redefining what is essential (one chair at a time)

One of the epic challenges of life is to suspend our own personal conveniences for the sake of others. The problem with our lives of convenience is that we have become accustomed to them--so much so that often times the conveniences we enjoy have come to feel like ESSENTIALS and the line gets blurred. In fact we have convinced ourselves that these conveniences are essential to our lives to the point that we feel very real anxiety when one of these conveniences is tampered with...[cable, our second car (or first car), our house, our x box, our iphone, our starbucks habit, our hair coloring appointment, our vacation etc]

I want to extend a challenge, Ridge Church...let's step up and allow ourselves to be inconvenienced for the sake of people whose lives will be changed! We have made a decision not to take out a loan in order to complete our current up fit project. Simply stated--when we run out of funds we'll will stop building until we can raise the rest. You have been generous and we have been fantastic stewards of resources and time and as a result now we can literally see the finish line! We need to sell 450 chairs ($199 each) that symbolically represent the people we are praying for. So PRAY for a person--PAY for a seat. For some of you, buying one chair will be a stretch. For others of you buying 100 chairs would be very doable. So do what YOU can. Allow yourselves to be inconvenienced for the sake of this mission! USE EGIVE HERE.

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