Tuesday, August 14, 2012

When God "Chat room God" video

From beginning to end Sunday's service was one of the most moving and challenging services that any person could imagine. I witnessed and experienced extreme emotion on every level. We started the morning with a video called "Chat Room" God. Our creative team, lead by Karen Clark, began dreaming about the idea long ago and with the help of Ed Williams creative writing and Chris Lee's editing the final product was...well it was the thing people have been talking about and asking me about all week long. It's not just hype when I say you really MUST to be at Ridge Church right now or you will simply miss out on some amazing things that God is up to! Our messages are always posted online but their is no comparison to being in the room while Christopher Kincaid and the Ridge Band are leading. It was absolutely unbelievable this past Sunday...ask anyone who was there and they'll confirm! Here's "Chat Room God" which was followed up by a "Nickel Creek" opener.

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