Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Meet my former load in partner!

Our church, Ridge Church, is fast approaching our 5 year anniversary. We met about two Sunday nights a month for a "very long" two years then "finally" in 2008 we had our first Sunday morning worship service and began meeting every week. About four months ago we moved into our first 24/7 permanent facility and this new chapter of our existence has been amazing. In the last five years we've had the privilege of baptizing over 60 people and every time it's a reminder of why we started this church. Recently we baptized our first 7 people in our new facility, one of which was my load in partner for almost 4 years. She showed up faithfully at 6:30am for that entire time! Ridge Church wouldn't exist if it weren't for faithful servants like my friend Jessica. So it was my privilege to baptize her. Here's her story:

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