Thursday, December 20, 2007

Amazing Volunteers at Ridge Church

Last night 53 ridge church volunteers met on the 31st floor, Charlotte City Club in uptown Charlotte for our first "Volunteer Christmas party." It was truly an amazing night, and inspirational backdrop overlooking the city skyline at night. It was the perfect place to be able to enjoy and celebrate our volunteers and what they give to make this dream a reality.

There were many days that we would have been be overjoyed to have that many adults show up for church...having that many volunteers is a blessing and a great sign of what is to come. So it was a fun night celebrating with the people that have placed their shoulders under this young church (11 public services young to be exact!). Great things ahead for this church.

You will enjoy the video Rusty put together as our way of saying, "THANKS" to all that serve here at Ridge Church. Thanks for believing in this mission!

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Unknown said...

one of the most awkward 20 seconds of my life during "thank you"... i was like how am i gonna explai this to my peeps... to my wife even. they just won't understand. freakin' funny tho. ridge volunteers rock!