Monday, December 17, 2007

Deep Theology in the mini-van?

So we just got back in town from vacation (subject of future blogs), and the conversation tonight in the mini-van was interesting. Here is how it went:

The kids were talking about Christmas---they can't contain themselves---and Josie kept saying, "No, not the 'big Jesus' the 'baby Jesus' " Finally I asked her what she meant, and after a bit of digging I realized that in her mind they were two separate people all together. Kind of funny, and kind of cute, but worthy of clarification--I'm sure you would agree!

I pray for those moments and conversation frequently. One of my most frequent prayers actually. It was one of those unplanned "God moments" where I was able talk in detail with my children about what it means to believe in Jesus. We talked about everything from why Jesus was born as a baby, to why he died, to how he wants to live in our hearts. That one is really fun to explain to six year olds:-) I'm an adult and still haven't wrapped my mind around it.

At one point it was very serious. The part where I tried to explain that Jesus was coming back one day and would eventually take every one who believed in him to heaven. With much concern and all joking aside, Josie asked a legitmate question that we have all wondered, "WHEN IS HE COMING?"

When I told her that I didn't know exactly when Jesus was coming back-- it could be today, tomorrow, or many years from now, her interest in Jesus was at an all time high!

Most people aren't all that different from my daughter. Isn't it true that it feels like something we can do later...we can always figure out religion, deal with spiritual stuff, explore Jesus later. There will be time for it in the next season of life, after school is done, after you finish that next project, after the kids are out of diapers...After all the guy hasn't been seen for a couple of thousand years right, so what does it matter to wait awhile? But, the even better question is even if there is "plenty of time" why would we wait to experience life on earth lived with Jesus? Why not upgrade your life now? Why not receive the new life of Jesus offers now? It is incomparable. There aren't any really good reasons to wait when you really stop to think about it. the conversation continues with Josie, but I count it a privilege to have those kind of "talks" with my children. Here is how it ended this night:

"So daddy is Jesus' beard white or brown?" DEEP THEOLOGY IN THE MINI-VAN!

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