Saturday, June 14, 2008

All American Day

I've been thinking a lot about the economy lately. Typically downward shifts in the economy quickly affect giving to non-profits and we like thousands of churches have felt the full force of that--But these are temporal things. Important but temporal. In the midst of the financial downswing interestingly that hasn't been the thought dominating my mind as much as the "blessed nature" of our lives in this city, located in this great nation. Sure we have our [problems], but clean water, going to bed hungry, etc aren't among those so called [problems]. We [here in Charlotte] worry about 401k's, saving accounts, the market value of our homes, moving up in the company, trading in the car for newer one with less mileage, and preparing for retirement. For most people in our world retirement is equivalent to death. I'm not judging--I'm just saying that our problems aren't as big as we sometimes think.

I moved to Charlotte back in 1998 and honestly thought it would just be a stopping point along the journey of our lives. Within that first year God drove this passion into my heart for this incredible city. I can't explain it and won't ignore it---I'm compelled by the passion God has placed in my heart for this city. One small part of that passion is to be a "prophetic" voice of challenge in this incredible city for us to leverage our wealth and resources for the sake of others that need to hear about and experience the love of Jesus.

We are just getting started!

(This will explain the random pictures) I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy an all American day every once in awhile. God has allowed us all to experience some unique blessings. I just want us to remember that these blessings should come with a comma not a period. We need to be a blessing to others.

My all amercian day started with chocolate chip waffles (with strawberries)--Did you hear donkey's voice from Shrek just now? Then off to the pool with Brayden while Angie and the girls went to a "little mermaid/ballet party. Brayden revolted and ended up with a pool option--I gladly volunteered. Then I cooked ribs on the grill for lunch---quesadilla for Brayden--cheese only (he is really picky). Then we finished with a $20 family pass to a baseball game. It included hot dogs, nachos and cheese....and YES a funnel cake! There was a fireworks show after the game. Granted it was the "Kannapolis Intimidators" but it was still pretty sweet.

Why do you care what about my ALL AMERICAN day? Well maybe you don't, but I hope that for at least a moment every day, maybe as you read this that you will recognize that we are all blessed and I hope we will all ask ourselves to whom do I need to forward this blessing?

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