Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Daddy is my BFF"

I've been on a blog break for awhile. The demands of my schedule kind of took over. I am trying to get back in rhythm a bit in the next few weeks.

So yesterday one of my daughters gave me a picture that she had drawn. No clue what it was but that's not the point is it? This was the caption: "You rnd (earned) it. BFF." Tonight she told me that she really meant it--I really was her BFF (Best Friend Forever--of course). Her sister piped up and said "Your the best Daddy ever." To which I respond every time"The best one you've ever had?" And every time she laughs and says "Yes daddy, you're the only one I've had". Simple stuff but I love it.

One room away I tucked Brayden in for bed and we had one of our coolest talks yet. Believe it or not some random exerpt from the news was the spring board for this incredible conversation about God, the Bible and baptism. My son told me that he wants to be baptized which will be one of the coolest days of my life. No prayer has dominated my "air time" with God like prayers that my children would spend their days knowing Jesus, loving him, and passionately and persistently helping others to know him. Nothing matters more!

I've been both challenged and encouraged yet again in this incredible series at Ridge Church called "Parental Guidance Requried" Go here to listen. If you are a parent you need to listen to the one's you've missed and rearrange your schedule to be there this Sunday night (June 8). Trust me this should trump going to the pool or whatever else you might have planned!

Last note for now---the upstreet team is doing some unbelievable stuff for the summer called "Flipt". Your kids will love it. If you think the environment is cool you wouldn't even believe what they do in the environment. Among other things I know they had a pancake flipping contest last week. My kids came home excited and talking about it. Tonight my son told me "Dad, when you live life the way God wants you too it gets "Flipt." Not bad!

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