Thursday, December 11, 2008

Big is Little

Big is Little: There are certain times and situations for all of us that we go big or not at all. Especially in terms of benevolence or meeting the needs of other people. Think about it: Haven't there been times when you were presented with a need or you were made aware of a need, BUT since you couldn't meet it completely you did nothing?

Maybe you heard about the tragic death of a young dad who was survived by a wife and three small children. Your heart was broken and you felt compelled to do something. But as you pulled out your $50 it seemed small in the scheme of things so you put it back in your pocket.

Maybe you are bothered by the fact that countless #'s of children die everyday due to lack of clean drinking water...but again, you think my $50?...and do nothing.

Maybe you felt compelled to help with a community event, or at a homeless shelter but because you couldn't give an hour a week or four hours a month you gave nothing?

I think we need to seriously change the way we define, "big"!

Here is my two week challenge to you: For the next two weeks I want you to think of "big" not in terms of volume but in terms of capacity. The biggest thing you can do for someone is likely something they can't do for themselves. It may be tied to $, but it may be tied to your skills, your time, or your knowledge. The next "big" thing you do or give may be something that feels super small to you but represents something that a person couldn't have done for them self. When it comes to serving people "Big is Little!" Find that little thing that someone can't do for them self and do it for them. Bless people. Don't get stuck in the big or not at all trap when it comes to serving people.

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