Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Want a bigger life?

I want to see through, or rise above the dark clouds that sometimes surround and descend human existence. Plain and simple, I believe God has called me to lead something amazing and I refuse to settle for anything less than that. Maybe this is semantics but I do think that half if not 98% of that leading is somehow wrapped up in me figuring out how to simply get out of God's way. Right now, today, I'm praying as I have many times in the past, for God to arouse vision in me in a unique way. I want to see farther. I want to dream huge dreams that are impossible apart from God. I want God to increase my expectations of what can and should be done with my life! If we become what we see, then I want to see as God sees. Anything less than that would fail to give to God the worship that he deserves from my life.

Check out this blurb from Erwin McManus. I think he nails it:

"Those people that seem to live bigger lives, who discover the hero inside of them, and live their most heroic life...they have a higher sense of expectation. An almost insane conviction that their future is going to be better than their past. This irresistible optimism and hope keeps them moving forward."

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