Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Recap

The Music
Great day of connecting with God through song and sermon. I know worship is more about our hearts than a specific song but there are some songs that for me personally seem to help me connect and focus easier. Here is the set from yesterday:
  • "Big" by planetshakers. It's kind of the theme song for this series
  • "Glory to God" by Steve Fee
  • "Mighty to Save" by Hillsong
  • Closer-- "We need each other" by Sanctus Real
It was both worshipful and fun. Josh and the guys really nailed the closer by Sanctus Real. It was a perfect ending to Andy's talk on Providential Relationships. Go HERE if you missed the talk. It's phenomenal.

The after party
Right after the service we switched out all the environments while everyone ate lunch and prepared for our once a year "all skate" volunteer training. Not sure the exact count but someone told me we had close to 65 people in all the various areas. About 10 more showed up Sunday night for the student ministry training. Thanks for stepping up to partner with this mission!

This fall is going to be full of life change! Don't watch from the sidelines. Get involved.

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