Saturday, August 29, 2009

Time for two,two,two...

Don't forget that we are back to 2 services this weekend at Ridge Church. We've been praying, planning, and preparing for this day for months. The two service times are 9am and 11am. We are kicking off two brand new elements along with all the great stuff that is already happening:
  1. Full Student Ministry Environment: During the 9am service we will now have a service specifically designed for middle school and high school students. It opens at 8:45am for students to come hang out. Student Facebook Group HERE.
  2. Waumba Large Group Environment: During the 11am service we are adding a new Waumba Large Group environment for the older pre-school children. There will be story tellers, worship and tons of excitement all in a really cool environment. The kids will love it.
With school just starting this is a great time to invite people to join you at church. For all of our awesome volunteers you'll be able to Attend one service and Serve one. This way people you invite can sit with you! Spread the word.

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