Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Change your city with a bag & your car

Self Absorbed?
I love what God is beginning to stir in the heart (and hearts) of Ridge Church. This is a young church both in how many worship services we've had and in our general demographic but people are really beginning to embrace generosity in a time when most have reacted in fear by closing their fist tightly around their material goods. Generosity when it doesn't make sense gets people's attention!

I believe that God's resources flow to us so that they can flow through us...not so we can live in a self absorbed reality. AND when God's resources flow to us THEN through us to others it ultimately turns the attention to God. (Check out 2 Corinthians 9:11)

Recently Ridge Church created something we called the NOW PROJECT. For more on that go HERE or HERE. This past weekend we unveiled what we are calling "NOW GO!"--the extension of the NOW project.

Simple concept. Take a bag. Fill it with helpful resources. Put it in your car. When you see a need or hear of a need. Give the bag away. These bags in our cars will be a simple reminder to lift our eyes and be aware! 100 bags were taken last week. Whether it is next week or next month that you give the bag away--take a minute to go to our Facebook Fan Page and share your experience. Our message to people is simple--Regardless of how your situation makes you feel "God has not forgotten you."

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patrick mitchell said...

right on man! so stoked to be a part of this generous church!

love what you said about God blessing us with resources so they will flow through us and ultimately bring Him fame!