Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Breaking the power that______has over me

Breaking the power that ____has over me!
There are often things in our lives that just seem to have an unbreakable power over us. We try to stop, we try to change our pace, we try to change our tone, we try to look away...but we keep getting drawn in and losing the battle. BUT--there are some practical things we can do to begin to break the power that (stuff--whatever it is for you and me).

That was part of the topic of Imagine part 4. I've been meaning to re-cap this for awhile but took a little bit of a blog break. We wrapped up our recent vision series called "Imagine" with a challenge and invitation. Every person in attendance walked away from the day with a card that looked like this:
Go HERE to listen to the message called "No Survivors" and get the full context of the challenge.

Take the challenge! If you have already done this then extend the challenge for another 7 days or more? Some of you had every intention of taking the challenge but then Monday happened, life happened, family happened, your in box happened and you simply never got to it. It's not to late.

Here is the paraphrase of the Psalmist words above that I turned into a prayer in my journal. Maybe this should be your prayer too: "God is there anything I'm doing or becoming that will lead to hurt for me or those I love?"

Whatever you face this week I would like to invite you to remember that God is for you--but "Because of who he is for, there are some things that he won't ignore." Your heavenly Father wants you to live in freedom!!

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