Friday, May 28, 2010

Breaking the "stupid cycle"

Breaking the Stupid Cycle
Everything in this life (your life too) that causes guilt can be traced back to the same pattern every single time! So to avoid or eliminate guilt from our lives we must not begin with guilt itself (the product) we must begin with where it all starts.

(For Context Read Joshua 7. Specifically verses 20-21--this observation and cycle is taken straight from the story of Achan)

Change the names, circumstances, severity etc, but where guilt is involved, if you look close enough you will always find what I call the "stupid cycle". For Achan he ended up with guilt and in his case ultimately death but here is how it happened:
  1. I saw--> OPPORTUNITY
  2. I wanted-->DESIRE
  3. I took--> GRATIFICATION
  4. I hid--> GUILT
Here is the problem...there is one highly effective way to break the stupid cycle. Effectively breaking the cycle begins by limiting the opportunity. Don't try to manage your desires. You will lose. Don't try to limit or govern your gratification. You will consume more, go further, do more, take more and ultimately it will control you instead of you controlling it--You will lose. And don't try to medicate your guilt or ignore your guilt. You will lose.

Want a life where guilt is the exception not the rule? THEN spend time carefully monitoring "Your opportunities". Regardless of the cause of your guilt--regardless of what tempts you the most, if you work hard to reduce opportunity you will kill the "stupid cycle" before it begins. This is a simple concept but don't confuse simple with easy! This takes work.

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