Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Together video & recap

Last weekend at Ridge was a phenomenal day of worship services. Nice little Beetles opener too! It was a great reminder of why we go to such great lengths to create great environments. The theme of the day was simple: "Together we create something extraordinary". Quite a few people signed up expressing interest in becoming part of one of our volunteer teams at Ridge Church. Our goal is 40 new volunteers before the fall and I know we will get there. If you haven't joined a volunteer team yet now is the time! If you missed last Sunday you can sign up any time in the next several weeks.

I had quite a few people ask me if we could post the video from Sunday so here it is. If you want to hear the rest of Tammy's story don't miss our current series called "Domino Effect." We'll reveal the rest of her story during this series. If you haven't been to Ridge recently you are missing out!

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