Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why is God obessessed with Respect?

Take a stroll through the old testament and you'll notice quickly that this thing of respect and reverence for God is a big deal. Often the phrase "Fear the Lord" is used. In context this phrase typically carries the idea of respect on steroids. It's the kind of respect that causes you to freeze up or stand up when someone enters the room. It's the kind of respect that causes you to rearrange your day just to spend a few moments with a person. It's the kind of respect that causes you to ask questions, sit, and listen instead of talking. It's the kind of respect that inspires you to action.

So why is God apparently obsessed with respect?
I think the answer to that is potentially much more than a simple phrase but I believe this phrase stabs deep into this apparent obsession with respect. "Deep respect creates a desire for relationship!" Cover to cover the Bible is a story revealing God's interest in personally relating to each of us.

Think about it. One coin--two sides:
  1. I've never met a person that I didn't respect that I wanted a closer relationship with.
  2. I've never deeply respected a person and not wanted to know them better give the chance.
For many of us we have lost or never had a sense of awe or sense of respect for God. Consequently our intimacy has suffered or been non existent. Stop and consider him!! Look at his Creation (start by looking in the mirror). Consider his love for you. Consider the miracles. Consider the peace he offers. Consider his salvation. Consider his power to shape all that affects us. When respect runs deep--the desire for intimacy will likely flourish.

If your intimacy with God is nonexistent or if your relationship with him has seen better days...start or restart by considering who he really is, what he really does (and has done), and how he really loves. Start there--Respect and intimacy are sure to follow!


Jacob said...

Silence & meditation both bring me a greater respect for God. This world is very noisy.

Anonymous said...

Timely for me. I was just thinking about how my drive to control outcomes is really a lack of respect for the one who is in control.

Anonymous said...

I think respect is the key in any relationship, and of course this is modeled after God.

Marriages cannot thrive and flourish unless the there is respect behind the love.

Love with no respect, isn't really love.

-Faith Neff-