Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does our city need another church?

Does our city need another church?
Man, did I ever wrestle with this question when I felt God leading me toward church planting back in 2005. "I hear you God but why here? Why Charlotte?" Let's be honest, does Charlotte really need another church? And soon that burden became a passion...and that passion lead to what is now Ridge Church. In a few weeks we will celebrate two years of Sunday morning services. But the problem that required the Genesis of Ridge wasn't lack of churches. It was a desperate need for an environment where church people could bring there un-churched friends, and where un-churched people would love to attend. Our city was in desperate need of a church that partnered with families; a church that spoke in relevant but biblical terms; a church that extended messages that were practical and applicable; a church where worshipping God was enjoyable rather than endurable; a church where people could experience a personal relationship with God without the trappings of religion; a church where community with other believers was/is paramount. I'm so proud and honored to be part of it! Last week we had 55 kids in just our kindergarden-5th grade environment so clearly something is working in our partnership with families.
-->If you havent' heard this story--Just Ask Tammy, If this city needed another church. Ask her about partnership with families. Ask her if it matters. Ask her about the power of community...

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patrick mitchell said...

this is awesome man. i love your vision that overflows in this post. i'm so stoked to be along for the ride of what God is doing.