Thursday, August 19, 2010

Michael Hyatt Interview

I'm sharing this video for two reasons:
  1. Michael Hyatt has a great perspective on the role of social media to Christian leaders. He is one of the handful of people that I follow on twitter. I select the people I follow by virtue of either close relationship, or whether or not they add valuable content to my world...(or both). Michael consistently brings helpful content into the world of his twitter followers.
  2. My big brother "Scott Brown" is actually doing the interview. I've looked up to him for years as a spiritual leader and phenomenal business leader. He is the managing editor of a magazine called "Outcomes" (pick up a copy if you are a leader) as well as being a VP in his company Christian Leadership Alliance. Proud to call him family!

How Can Christian Leaders Get Started with Social Media? from Michael Hyatt on Vimeo.

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