Monday, August 29, 2011

Simply Undeniable

Ridge Church kicked off a brand new series yesterday called "On your Mark". You can catch part one of the series HERE. The truth is, every single one of us could walk into church any given Sunday and find ourselves mentally arguing with what the pastor says. We think "Yeah...but" and "What about..." or "If he only knew my story..." and we come up with all sorts of reasons why something that might be slightly challenging doesn't actually apply to us. BUT--over the years I've been in ministry the one thing that is "SIMPLY UNDENIABLE" is life change. When a person is literally changed by the grace of God people may not understand it but they can't deny it. Check out this story and Baptism from our service on Sunday.

El's Baptism from Ridge Church on Vimeo.

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Unknown said...

That is an awesome story. Thanks for putting it on the blog for the rest of us to see to!