Sunday, November 20, 2011

A courageous step (video)

We are challenging ourselves at Ridge Church to be radically generous in this next season NOT just conveniently generous. We have structured our building campaign, called 1 twelve, in such a way that it will do two things 1) build out (renovate) a 24/7 space for Ridge Church with more seats and better environments 2) build up our city--specifically we want to bless Piney Grove Elementary school by providing Christmas for 14 of the families in the greatest need.

We asked these families to give us their Christmas "wish list" and it was incredibly humbling, and honestly a bit convicting! Unlike the wish list most of us would formulate, with iphones, 70 inch tv's, new cars, new jewelry bla, bla, bla---these "wish lists" were more or less survival lists for many of them. They asked for groceries, pajamas, blind for windows, house hold items (and yes a few toys!). Many of them are just hoping to have electricity this Christmas. It was truly humbling to experience. AND I want us to rise to the challenge.

10% of all funds received for our entire 1 twelve building campaign will go directly to our local efforts over the next year (Our Goal is $27,000--one of these projects is the unexpected Christmas store for these families)

Check out this video called "A courageous step": We also want to create space where this can happen over and over again-Take your place in the story!:

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