Monday, October 15, 2007

Giving gifts to who?

We celebrated my wife's birthday today. I'm not allowed to tell you which one. My children absolutely love this stuff. They love purchasing expensive gifts with my money and presenting them to their mother. "Look what I got you mom" It's funny though, they always want to buy her gifts that seem to benefit them the most. Tonight, my son called one of my daughters out on her clever plot. She said "Mommy we could go to Target and you could buy whatever you want for your birthday"---once again they are quite generous with my money. Brayden pipes up and responds, "You just want to go to Target so you can get something from the dollar rack" She was busted and she knew it---the sideways smile and lack of response to my sons accusation gave it away.

They also thought she would simply love the "gift" of a family date night (that's what we call our family nights in the Brown home) at Chuck-E-Cheeses. But, I really think this is a human deal not just a kid deal. We grow up giving gifts, doing things for people, but when we are reduced to the bare minimum truths about our motives, often we give only that which ultimately benefits us. Sad but true.

I don't claim to know every thought that resonates from the mind of God, but I couldn't help but think today, as I walked outside and breathed in the most incredible fall air, as I looked at the incredible sunset seemingly fingerpainted by my heavenly Father, as I enjoyed the amazing creation around me...that my Heavenly Father gave those "gifts" with me, with us, in mind.

Don't misunderstand me. I know that God's Glory is the ultimate culmination and conclusion of everything around us, but Scripture indicates that God enjoys giving good gifts to his children... to us! The reality that I would ever cross the mind of my Heavenly Father causes me to pause. That thing in your life that when you see or experience it brings a smile to your face...what if God authored that thing while thinking of you? I wonder if he ever says to the angels, "Watch this, they are going to love this one! They are about to experience that thing that I created specifically for them." I want to to learn to live my life "Giving gifts like my Heavenly Father." Gifts with others in mind that benefit them the most rather than me. It is a slow process for me---maybe a life long journey!

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