Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Rich...yeah right!"

Are you rich? Let's be honest for a second. Typically when we think of rich people we don't include ourselves on the list. No matter how much stuff, money, etc we have, we can always point to other people that have more...except for that one person "whoever he or she is" that actually is the richest person alive! So my comments apply to every one but that one person---so every one else listen up!

Today I went to downtown Charlotte with my friend Todd Brower and I was both blessed and broken. Some time ago, Todd sensed God leading him to begin reaching out to some of the homeless individuals of Charlotte. Today I handed out tickets at the door as they filed in--nearly 60 of them--, to get the meal he would purchase for he does every Wednesday. The group sat down to eat and from a small PA system, the word of God, the hope of God, the love of God was shared to the group...but not so surprisingly since this is the way God typically manifest himself to the world around was embodied in a person. One man willing to be obedient to that whisper from God that I'm sure didn't make sense at the time. I'm sure he smiled and thought "Good idea God, but wrong guy"...or "But, God I have never worked with homeless people" or the most famous one "God, I will pray for them!"

I think you will understand me when I say, I am so grateful that Todd isn't still in his prayer closet, praying for the homeless...but instead he is serving them. Today, I watched him carry on conversations with them. They respect him, you can see it in their eyes. He is their friend and they know it. Several of his "friends" have gotten jobs along the way and gotten back on their feet. A fresh start in life!

Let me ask again. Are you rich? I know I eat several meals a day, live in doors, and drive a car to work. I know my refrigerator is full and so is the food pantry. I know that I had a coffee from starbucks today. I know that I am sitting in air conditioning, typing on a mac book pro (sorry pc guys). Yeah, I'm rich, and so are you! Yet, Jesus, our fearless leader, said that he didn't come for the healthy, but the sick. I wonder how much our schedules would change if our hearts were adjusted in such a manner that they truly lined up with the heart of our Heavenly Father? Just a thought. And thanks for a good day, Todd. Thanks for living out God's Word.

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