Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Every problem has a solution"

Some times I find myself slightly irritated by the various "so called" awards shows that come on TV. It feels like we often reward all the wrong things and make a complete mockery of morality, modesty, purity, respect...(the list could go on). So, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon this CNN special called "CNN Heroes" where they highlighted what they called the top ten Heroes. Each of these individuals modeled self sacrifice in the pursuit of improving the lives of fellow humans in need. I don't know enough about any of these to endorse them but I can safely say that I am impressed and motivated by them!

I was particularly intrigued with the story of Phymean Noun. I'll wet your appetite with a brief recap then you can watch the clip below if you want the rest of the story:

Walking down a street in Cambodia's capital city, Phymean Noun finished her lunch and tossed her chicken bones into the trash. Seconds later, she watched in horror as several children fought to reclaim her discarded food. Noun stopped to talk with them. After hearing their stories of hardship, she knew she couldn't ignore their plight."I must do something to help these children get an education," she recalls thinking. "Even though they don't have money and live on the sidewalk, they deserve to go to school. At one point the camera panned across the school and I was struck by a phrase written on the wall that simply said "Every problem has a solution." It's been stuck in my mind ever since then. Phymean Noun saw a problem and she became the solution. I love that.

Simply stated, Ridge Church began in response to a perceived problem. My generation, in my city, have largely checked out on church [problem!] and we are passionate and desperate to see them come back to their heavenly Father. We at Ridge are bothered by that reality and want to see the tide turn! The secondary problem, largely related to the first problem, is one that I am also personally bothered by. I think about it often and pray that God will allow me and Ridge Church to be a voice and inspiration of change in regards to this issue. I am bothered by the self indulgence of "MY" generation and I say "MY" because it is time for us to own up this problem and like Phymean become the solution.

We are a generation with means, with capacity. Even in our worst economic days we are still blessed beyond imagination. I pray that "self indulgence" will not be the legacy of my generation. Rather, I want to be part of the generation that ushers the presence of God back in. A generation defined by generosity and sacrifice for the sake of others in need. May that be our legacy!

Start somewhere. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. Do for others what they can't do for themselves. Let's re-define our generation!

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