Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Personal

When some one talks down to your child, "It's Personal." When some one critiques your performance at work, "It's Personal." When some one makes fun of your new haircut, be it a faux hawk, dreads, spiked, flat iron, or a sweet had better believe, IT'S PERSONAL! But somehow, for some reason most people never allow "God and Personal" to make it into the same sentence. For most people, God is a dysfunctional dad with a weird authority trip or he's the guy you call in a crisis. And, church is a twice a year event or place for the fanatics and Jesus freaks--where people sing weird songs, and pass around the "God Tip bucket" (we call it an offering bucket:-) Well, if it ever becomes PERSONAL for you or those that you know, it will reshape and define your entire existence!! I know because it's my story. If it ever becomes personal, you will step into a life you didn't know was possible--guaranteed. I double dare you to test me on this one. Don't miss this series at Ridge called "It's Personal". If you have to bribe people with lunch afterward, do whatever you have to do to get them there! Catch up on part one here.

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