Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Your day's not so bad now

Self pity is a human cancer but we all fight it. Different personalities definitely tend toward it more than others, but it's a human thing. I've been thinking about this: When we look at what others posses or what they have accomplished or how they have succeeded we often become less satisfied with our life and want more or different for ourselves. This happens even if we've got it pretty good in life. So here's my stroke of genius---maybe it works in reverse! Maybe if we look at those that have a really bad deal we feel better about our deal. So check these out and tell me if you feel start to feel better. This is a test...only a test:

I bet your day is feeling better already, huh?

Okay, how about now? Look mommy a bird.

He's living the dream isn't he? Professional athletes have it made.

Okay, if you compare your day to little fifi here...well it ain't all that bad! So next time your feeling the self pity band marching in just remember fifi and it will all be better:-)

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the burchard bunch said...

ha ha ha...

Funny post and one I definitely needed tonight! Thanks:)