Sunday, December 14, 2008

Eric meets Project Generosity

I have a huge passion to see our church, my generation, and the generation on the way, truly embrace generosity. So I get really excited when I see my children or our church take a step in that direction. I get even more excited when I see our church help my children take a step in that direction!

Upstreet (k-5th grade) under Patrick Mitchell's leadership, is doing something pretty cool called Project Generosity. Each month in Upstreet we reinforce a virtue for the entire month and this month the virtue is "Generosity". So, our Upstreet team (small group leaders and children) are adopting a child through Compassion International. Essentially our children are going to provide education, basic health care needs, clean water, and the opportunity for six year old, Eric Base Kiria, from Kenya to not only hear about, but practically experience how much Jesus loves him.

With help from the small group leaders in Upstreet the children came up with ideas on how to raise money for Eric. Some them have asked parents to remove a gift from their list so they could give the money that would have been spent on that gift to project generosity. Others are drinking water instead of soft drinks at meals and putting the money toward project generosity.

Bottom line--it's pretty cool and I'm proud of what they are doing. If you would like to partner with them to change Eric's life here is how you can get help:
  1. Send a check: Ridge Church_P.O. Box 1853_Indian Trail_N.C._28079 *Put Project Generosity in the memo line of checks.
  2. Give online through E-give: You can follow up with an email to to let us know your gift was for Project Generosity

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Meredith's Memoir said...

Wow! What an awesome story to read first thing on a Monday morning! My name is Meredith Dunn and I work at Compassion International. I would just like to let you know on a personal level as well as on behalf of the Compassion staff, just how grateful we are for Churches like yours and the people who fill your walls.
It is so encouraging to hear that the thought of generosity and selfless giving, especially around the holidays, is coming from the Church. As it should!
I too have a heart for the next generation to catch a "fever" for Christ that compels them to move and act our their obedience.
Thank you for sharing! Keep up the kingdom work!
Meredith Dunn