Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday Review [2nd service?]

We dove into part 3 of "Breakaway" and answered the question "What if we believed that God really did know what was best for us--how would that changes our decisions and ultimately the outcomes of our lives?" Really practical and powerful stuff.

These are exciting days for us. We have had three really great services in a row and are beginning the conversation of what it would take to add a full second service to replace our 9:30am CORE worship (abbreviated worship service for our incredible volunteers). The primary catalyst for this conversation is pretty simple. Our family ministry areas (Waumba and Upstreet) are almost at capacity. What a great"problem" or conversation to begin! No time lines for now, just conversations. We want to maximize our current set up before pulling the trigger on another service. But, if you have been thinking about stepping up to serve or volunteer at Ridge and haven't pulled the trigger yet--NOW IS DEFINITELY THE TIME!!

Last, but not least. Great start to the student impact room. A couple of ping pong tables, a wii, some food of course, and some incredible Student Impact adult volunteers combined for fun and successful start. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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the burchard bunch said...

We are so excited about the SI room! Paige had such a great time yesterday:) Thanks!! Awesome pic...