Saturday, January 10, 2009

This ain't your grandma's church!

While I am admittedly irritated and bothered sometimes by the churches and church leaders in my generation that sometimes say and do things under the guise of "relevance", that are more aptly described as rude and lacking discernment---I love the fact that my generation is trying so hard, and sometimes even "breaking the rules" to reach people and make a difference. We are putting so much thought, effort, creativity, and financial resources into re-shaping the image of church and of God that exists in most people's minds. And we are making progress! The bar that had plummeted to an embarrassingly low level for churches is gradually being raised.

At Ridge we place a high value on creativity, excellence, and relevance. We believe everything that we do communicates something we believe about God, and we believe he was and is all three of those words! Creative. Excellent. Relevant.

Buckhead Church is a campus of our Partner Church, North Point Community Church, led by Andy Stanley. Check out this video of a service they did earlier in '08. This ain't your grandma's church!:

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