Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Muddy water, drink up!

If you were a faucet or a spring what kind of water would come out? Clean water? Muddy water? Or the kind of water that "looks clean" and jacks you up with a bacterial infection two days later? Someone from your office came to mind with that last description didn't they? They smile really big and say "hello, how are you today?"...all appearances are good, then they throw you under the proverbial bus as soon as you walk away. You know I'm right :-)

Truthfully, unless you are more self aware than most people you run the risk of placing yourself in a category that wouldn't match what those that interact with you the most would actually say.

So, Jesus summed it up this way: "For out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks." Uh Oh! So, if it found safe passage through your lungs, vocal cords, and made a debut into the public air waves then you can be certain that it is also in your heart! In other words what we say to people, about people, in front of people isn't a words problem or issue it is a heart problem or issue. Your words are a mirror reflecting your heart.

Bitter words reflect a bitter heart
Angry words reflect an angry heart
Negative words reflect a negative heart
Judgmental words reflect a judgmental heart
Condemning words reflect a condemned heart
Divisive words reflect a divisive heart
Grace filled words reflect a grace filled heart
Encouraging words reflect an encouraged heart
Visionary words reflect a heart filled with vision
Forgiving words reflect a "forgiven" heart
Hope filled words reflect a hope filled heart

So how is your heart? Listen to the words coming out of your mouth in private and public and know that they never lie. If you invite God to revitalize, renew, or recalibrate your heart--you will be amazed at what you discover, and how it affects your words.

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