Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Col·lab·o·ra·tion "Better together"

Col·lab·o·ra·tion- 1. The act of working together; united labor.

It seems so obvious that this is the best route for any leader and any team (any marriage, any parents...), but it can be really messy to implement a collaborative effort! Flying solo on a major decision or effort is often easier even though it isn't better. I am learning that it requires significant trust among the team, whatever that team may be to collaborate well. If you don't trust him or her you don't want or accept their help--it's true in parenting too! Also by nature collaboration requires better and more organized systems. It also requires that we lay aside our insecurities and realize my idea may not be the best one. Or maybe my idea is good but it may be incomplete without some one's input!

I am not a collaborator by nature, so this is a discipline for me. It requires intentional effort on my part to involve people in the process. But, this week alone I have seen the collaborative efforts of volunteers and my staff produce efforts, quality etc that wasn't possible a part from collaboration.

So don't avoid collaboration simply because it's messy or complicated. When you really begin to believe that you are better together than you are apart it will be reflected in your on going practices, and everyone will be better as a result!

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