Friday, February 13, 2009

Stuff I made up & stuff I'm learning

Below are several unfiltered leadership thoughts that the experiences and reading in my recent weeks have uncovered or reinforced for me personally. They are things I am learning, living, or being reminded of:

  • Without out honest & consistent evaluation, leadership development will stall or cease. This sounds good to say or agree with, but only works if it doesn't get lost in translation from "cool quotes" to "my practices" -ME
  • When leaders don't communicate clearly and clearly define expectations we give people permission to lead by assumption. Assumption is a cancer to organizational health. We must minimize if not totally eradicate the phrase "But I thought...or I assumed..." from our organizational culture. -ME
  • "Leaders rise and fall by the language they use...choose the right words and you'll set up every one you lead for a level of effectiveness you never thought could be achieved." -Bill Hybels [Axiom]
  • If you are not secure in who you are as a leader & clear about where you are going, very few people will decide to follow you...or keep following you. As leaders we must wrestle with the vision so much in private that it flows confidently in public. -ME
  • Leaders often have to make difficult decisions with limited time & information. Few if any will suffer the total effects, consequences & out fall of those decision like the leader. No decision is made in a vacuum -ME

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patrick mitchell said...

this is pimp stuff man...
especially the stuff you made up.
honored & humbled for you to be leading me.
*Keep this stuff comin'!