Friday, February 27, 2009

52 services young

Our church is one of those churches our grandparents would have never believed could work. Yet this is the healthiest, most vibrant, most excellent, most mission focused church, I've ever been a part of. Here's why our grandparents might be skeptical: At Ridge we share a combination of live teaching and video teaching. And to be honest we have been way more video than live to date. We spent a ton of time casting vision and building the core team and foundations of Ridge Church on the front side and we didn't even meet every Sunday for a long time. So we are still a really young church in terms of worship services. To date we have only had 52 public worship services. Interestingly of those 52 I have spoken in 12 of them--and I'm the lead pastor! Plain and simple this thing isn't about me and it isn't about building or promoting my name. We will do whatever is necessary within the boundaries of God's Word to share God's love with people and promote his fame in our city! Even use video! I will be speaking this weekend for our new series called "Spectrum" though so come check it out.

We simply want to create environments that followers of Jesus feel comfortable and excited to invite their un-churched friends to attend. Come check it out for yourself. God is changing lives through this young church.

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