Thursday, March 5, 2009

Role reversal?

This is probably an epic challenge for all of us. We must fight to keep our roles in order. I am first a follower of Jesus, second a husband, third a father, and fourth a pastor. Most of us, myself included need reminders and accountability keeping this whole deal in check. I have to be careful too not to look around and think "Well, I'm doing better than him", because we can always identify a few dead beet husbands and fathers to compare ourselves too. Scripture alone must be my standard and guide as I order and fill these roles that God has entrusted to me.

I don't frequently listen to Greg Laurie but I heard a brief clip on the radio recently and I thought it was a simple but phenomenal reminder. It was so challenging to me that I thought I would pass it along. He made the simple but accurate case that according to Scripture a man is responsible to God (at least on some level) for the spiritual life of his wife and children. Wow! That's pretty surreal and I've found myself reflecting on it for a couple of days now. If I succeed as a pastor yet fail at encouraging spiritual growth in my family I still fail. I can't afford not to be intentional in this arena and neither can you.

We talk often as a staff about positioning ourselves to do what we alone can do. Well, I am the only one who can be husband to Angie and dad to Brayden, Josie, and Maddie. I can't fail there!

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