Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We are addicted to food! Hungry?

This is a longer post than usual for me. Jump down to "Inside my head and journal" if you already kind of get what fasting is about or don't care what fasting is about:-)

Fasting--Quick Explanation
Depending on your religious background or lack of religious background the idea of "fasting" may seem like some weird practice of religious fanatics...but it is available and encouraged for all followers of Jesus not just the "professionals." Truthfully fasting is much like prayer or consistent Bible study. It is a habit or discipline that has spiritual implication. It isn't a "box" that we check off in order to be accepted or approved by God. At the risk of over simplifying it....fasting, like other Christian disciplines isn't about God loving or accepting us more. It is about opening ourselves up to receive his love and love him more. It stretches our spiritual capacity! It is a proclamation of our dependence on Jesus and desire for him. (that's a very simplified explanation of fasting!)

How does it work?
Now...with that as the backdrop, a group of people at Ridge Church are fasting for 10 days. Some people are fasting meats and eating vegetables only. Some are fasting dessert, or technology, or lunch only. Some are fasting all foods and only consuming liquids. We are reading through Acts 1-10 and Proverbs 31, and 1-9 and journaling our thoughts. We use moments of hunger as promptings to remember to pray. We use some of our normal meals times as prayer moments or times to study Scripture. We are saying in essence "God we are dependent upon you more that food and we want to hunger for you like we hunger for food."

Fasting for What?
The Bible teaches that there are many possible situations where fasting is appropriate. In this particular fast we are praying about two things:
  1. That (individually and as a church) we will be spiritually hungry. Driven for God like we are driven for food.
  2. That God will bring Glory to himself through Ridge Church. We want to be a platform on which he stands in this city. We want his presence to be undeniable among us. We want to dispense his love without limit.
Inside my head and My Journal:
(these are my thoughts and some journal entries from prayer, Scripture reading, and some books I'm reading during this time of fasting)
  • Proverbs 1:5 Wise people learn to listen. It is much easier for me personally to look for stuff to do than to listen to God.
  • Acts 2:7,12,13 I noticed three responses to an "outpouring" of God's Spirit and presence among the people:
  1. People were "utterly amazed"
  2. People were "amazed and perplexed"
  3. Some made fun
  4. Interestingly: No one ignored it!!
  • "I feel like I am beginning to catch glimpses/mental snapshots of where all of this (Ridge Church) is going" That's exciting for me. The whole thing started just like this!
  • Acts 2:37 When people were faced with the truth about who Jesus is they had two responses
  1. They were cut to the heart. It bothered them that they had missed it...missed him...crucified him.
  2. They begin to ask "what now?" In light of this new truth they knew they must ACT
  • "Yesterday's victories do not guarantee tomorrow's successes." -E.Towns
  • Revival is the Latin term for "return to life." Praying for revival is prayer for life!
  • Much of what we do in life is a response to the way we see ourselves
  • Vision: "You can't achieve what you can't conceive" -unknown
That is all for now. I pray that God will awaken you to himself!!

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