Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 reasons I love my church (you would too!)

1.) We are a church that INVITES adults to belong before they believe...
2.) We are a church that (also) INVITES children/teens to belong before they believe while also partnering with families. This weekend we celebrated 2 years of Sunday mornings at Ridge and had more children in Upstreet (k-5th) than we had adults in our launch team 2 years ago. 3) We are becoming a church that INVITES the undeniable presence of God. We want people of all ages to experience God...not just us!
4) We are becoming a church that INVITES radical participation in God's activity. This week a team from Ridge Church leaves for Kenya. Next month a team leaves for Panama. And locally? Man you've gotta scroll down and read some of the domino effect stories on our Fan Page!
5) We are a church that values people sitting in circles more than people sitting in rows. We value authentic biblical community. You can sign up for Group Link HERE.

6) Last but not least. Along with my family--I get to be some small part of what God is doing through Ridge Church. You can too!

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