Thursday, September 16, 2010

Kenya needs a window unit

I'm so proud of the team of people from Ridge Church that are on their way to Kenya right now. I'm sure they are experiencing a mixed bag of emotions--excitement, fear, anticipation, etc. But, I love that they are going because it reflects a belief we embrace as a church, "God doesn't just love our nation--he loves 'the nations' " Our upstreet kids (k-5th grade) at Ridge Church support a child in Kenya through Compassion International and Patrick and Crystal will actually get to see him while they are there. (Go HERE to get a glimpse of Patrick's incredible heart and passion for Africa)

Will you pray for the Kenya Team?
With permission I share this story...The air conditioning unit went out for a family at Ridge Church and it would be a few weeks before "funds" allowed the repair. So mom challenged the children, "Every time we feel like we want to complain we are going to let it be a reminder to us to stop and pray for the people of Kenya because they don't have air conditioning." It didn't take long until the son busted one of the daughters complaining. So they stopped to pray for Kenya and it went like this, "Dear Jesus, please help the people of Kenya to get air conditioning."

This week please stop throughout your days to pray that God will protect, inspire, and use this team in extraordinary ways!

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