Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't just stand there...Do something!

My Community Group is going through the book of James together. Here is today's passage and a devotional thought. If you would like to receive two weeks of devotions from the book of James go HERE and send us an email. God's Word will shape your life!:

Don’t just stand there…Do something!
Read James 1:22-25

Recently the daughter of one of my wife’s co-workers found herself in a crazy scenario. While working at a store in the mall she witnessed a man try to kid nap a 5-year-old little girl. He kneeled to eye level with her, spoke quietly to her, then took her by the arm and began to lead her away. The college female employee removed her work apron and darted out from her workplace counter to confront the man. In typical creepy kidnapper fashion he calmly said, “It’s fine her mother sent me”. But she persisted in questioning him until he became agitated and pushed her to the side as he began to run with the little girl in tow. [STOP and think] What would you do at this point? Well, this college female employee chased the man down, screaming as she ran “kidnapper, kidnapper…call 911”. Then my favorite part, she caught up to him, tripped him, and punched him square in the nose breaking his nose (you cheered inside didn’t you?). Security came and took him away. Later they found duct tape, rope, and a black bag in his car. True story!

Interestingly during this entire episode not one person stepped in to help as the man ran through the mall dragging this small child. Not even as the college age girl screamed “kidnapper”, and pleaded for help as she chased him.

It’s literally nauseating to imagine the different possible outcomes if this college age girl had decided to stand there instead of doing something. What if she decided it wasn’t her problem?

James pleads with us in this passage “Don’t just stand there…Do something!” When it comes to God’s word there are two types of people hearers only and doers. In a matter of speaking when it comes to God’s Word there are people chasing down the kidnapper and people watching. There are people changing outcomes and people allowing them. James point is simple, when it comes to God’s word, “Don’t just stand there…Do something”. When we become active in practicing what we read or hear from God’s word it shapes different outcomes in our lives…and maybe in the lives of others too. So next time a verse grabs your attention—Don’t just stand there…do something! Ask yourself: “In light of what I’ve read what should I do?”

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