Monday, October 4, 2010

FUSION Gatherings--Charlotte needs this desperately!

Our philosophy at Ridge Church on trying or launching new things is simple. We must answer this question: "What problem are we trying to solve?" If there is no problem then there is no need for a solution. If there is a clear problem that needs to be addressed then we keep the conversation alive. For me the problems are often identified by paying attention to what "bothers" me or "bothers" our team. That's how I arrived at the decision to launch something called FUSION. Our partner church, North Point Community Church, has a similar idea but we have adapted it to address our specific needs here in Charlotte. We believe that Ridge Church and Charlotte desperately need a place and pathway for college and single adults to get connected into mid sized gatherings and eventually into smaller community groups. That's why we are launching FUSION!

Here's the low down on FUSION:
"Fusion is an environment where college and single adults come to build authentic friendships and get connected. Fusion Gatherings are mid sized gatherings of 15-25 people who meet three times a month in the Charlotte area. Fusion Gatherings also provide smaller break out groups called Fusion Groups where accountability, belonging, and care can be experienced."

We are just launching these groups so we are keeping them open for the next several weeks. So this is the time to invite people and to get involved. We know this is a huge need and the potential is even bigger. So spread the word. Women's Fusion Gathering will be on Tuesday nights, and the Men's Fusion Gathering will be on Thursday nights.

Go HERE to contact us if you are interested or would like additional information. Just put FUSION in the memo line.

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