Sunday, October 17, 2010

Out of nothing into something

Great kick off of our new series called "Twisted." This series is one of those game changers so do whatever it takes to experience it. Go HERE to access any of our past sermons online.
We are currently tweaking some of our ministry environments at Ridge Church and we also introduce new stages sets and themes in several of our environments each time we begin a new series. Here are a few pics from today (read the captions for context). For reference, we meet in the Levine Senior Center and have to create these environments from scratch every week. These are just a few of the rooms we transform weekly. In addition to these pics we also transform a weight room, computer room, and hallway space to become Waumba Rooms. It's literally amazing resourcefulness and commitment by the volunteers and staff each week to create all of this. Great environments begin with great people! Thanks ridge vols!

When we arrive: This is a Senior Center Foyer complete with tons of trinkets and doo dads. The Black drape covers some type of display case. Most of our regular attendees have never even seen it or know that it's there.
When we arrive: This is a Senior Citizen's banquet hall. Lot's of bingo happens here:-) Not on Sundays though:-)
When we arrive: this is just a hallway but becomes our welcome area for upstreet families. They have a western theme currently. Saloon doors just around the corner (literally!)
When we arrive: this is a senior citizens dance studio. This is the upstreet stage during rehearsals.
When we arrive: This is normally "just a hallway" but become our foyer for teenagers to hang out. Complete with donuts each week.
When we arrive: This is a storage room where we keep all of our equipment. We transform it to become our middle school and high school environment. Not bad for a large closet:-)
When we arrive: this is a game room complete with 4 poker/game tables (no joke). We turn it into two waumba room for our infants and crawlers.
When we arrive: this is a craft room but it is transformed to become a Waumba large group room complete with Zebra carpets and curtains and tons of other amazing decor not shown here.

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