Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everywhere...God doesn't just love our nation!

Here, There, and Everywhere is our invitation and challenge for every person that attends Ridge Church to do one thing "SERVE" in three ways:
  1. Serve Here--Local Church: we call it strategic service
  2. Serve There--Our city: we call it intersect (more on this later!!)
  3. Serve Everywhere--Our world: we call it Global X
We are planning two trips this year. One to Nicaragua and a return visit to Kenya. I want every person to be involved with global x--not just a select few! But we realize that not every one can go or can go at this time so our desire is that every person would either GIVE or GO (or both)! This year, when you get a a support letter from someone you volunteer with at Ridge Church or from your group etc--please give generously because it really matters! Check out this video shot by Patrick Mitchell (edited by Rusty Burchard) last year on our Kenya trip. Ridge Church's partnership with "Erik" has changed he and his family's lives--not to mention what it has done in all of us just to be a part of their lives!:

Eric Movie from Ridge Church on Vimeo.

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