Monday, January 3, 2011

"This is the year"...kick off was awesome

We just kicked off a brand new vision series at Ridge Church called "This is the year..." You can catch up on part one HERE if you missed it. We talked about how "Nostalgia is a dream killer." It was a ton of fun and the day started with a DJ mixing our pre-service music and mixing with our band for the first song. Chris Kincaide did an amazing job closing the service with a Sick Puppies tune called "Maybe". It was the perfect closer to the day. The CD take away from the morning will be a game changer for people--can't wait to hear those stories. Trust me--last week was awesome but this week will be even better!

I had a ton of people ask me this weekend about our "Unexpected Christmas Project." It was truly one of the most humbling and inspiring things I had the privilege to be a part of last year. You can check out the video here. Many thanks to all who contributed time and resources to make this happen:

An Unexpected Christmas from Ridge Church on Vimeo.

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